Our corporate strategy

In designing our strategy, we considered what we believe are the fundamentals of a great organisation, and what we want to strive for, as well as what we must protect during our journey. Our strategy makes sure we can navigate and thrive in the complex external and housing sector environment and be a customer-centred, modern, competitive, disciplined and successful organisation.

Our strategy was finalised during the Covid-19 pandemic. We responded by repurposing much of our operation to offer support and practical help to our customers, communities and colleagues.

At the time of writing the crisis is ongoing, and our way of working has undoubtedly changed for ever. While ‘how’ we deliver our plans may be different, we are confident that ‘what’ we stand for and the objectives and priorities set out in this strategy remain true.

Catalyst Corporate Strategy 2020-2023

Our corporate strategy 2020-2023