Sustainability – what it means to us

We want to make sure that all our policies and actions promote sustainability.

Put simply sustainability is about living successfully in the present without compromising our ability to do so in the future.

Because of what we do, sustainability is important across all parts of our business. We’ve developed our approach by identifying the following key sustainability issues:

Climate change

We must continue to decrease the emissions from our operations and our homes as well as adapting to changes in weather and climate.

Water management

The south east is an area of ‘water stress’. This means that if we don’t manage our water efficiently, droughts will become more frequent and severe.

Green procurement

Making sure that we buy products, materials and services that do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency

Making sure we build energy-efficient homes for our customers, and that our offices and community centres are as efficient as possible.

Energy generation

Researching and installing technology that allows us to generate our own energy, either at our offices or in our neighbourhoods.

Sustainable travel

Giving advice on sustainable travel options to our residents and employees.

Carbon emissions

Reducing our carbon emissions and meeting national and local targets to prevent further climate change.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our sustainability aims and ambitions, please contact us.