We love talking to you

These standards are all about how we communicate with you. From offering additional support when you need us most and resolving complaints when things go wrong, to engaging with you and using your feedback to improve your experience with us.

Our standards are:

Your satisfaction with us all at Catalyst.

Your satisfaction after you talk to us.

Our advice and wellbeing service helps support 2000 customers a year.

When things go wrong we’ll resolve your complaint in ten working days.

Your satisfaction with our complaints service.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated resolution handler within 48 hours of making a complaint.

Your input leads to a change in processes, policies and procedures.

We resolve your query the first time you call us.

You want to be engaged to improve your experience of Catalyst.

We’ll use our customer satisfaction surveys to monitor:

Measuring our performance

We launched our new service standards in February 2022. We’ll be updating you on our progress every three months and publishing our first results in April 2022.

We divide our performance over four quarters throughout the financial year: April – June, July – September, October- December and January – March.

Moving forward, we’ll use our current results to compare to what we’ve achieved in the previous quarter to help demonstrate to you how we’re doing and where we need to improve.