In my neighbourhood

These measures are all about what’s happening in your neighbourhood. We’ll measure how you feel about our cleaning and gardening services and how our Community Safety team are keeping you safe in your local area.

We’ll measure how many customers we’ve helped to settle into their home and how many community events and estate walkabouts we’ve completed to get to know you better and create sustainable neighbourhoods.

Our standards are:

Your satisfaction with our cleaning team.

Your satisfaction with our gardening team.

We keep you safe by investigating and actioning urgent reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB) within two working day. When a case is serious we will contact you within one working day to agree next steps.

To settle you in nicely, we meet you three times during the first 12 months of your tenancy with us.


We love organising 50 local community events to bring communities together.

Your local Neighbourhood Customer Specialist coordinates a full estate visit once every three months.

We offer you support with applying for welfare benefits, resolving money issues, finding employment and training or getting online within five working days.

We’ll install passive electric vehicle (EV) charging points to help our customers travel more sustainably.

We’ll use our customer satisfaction surveys to monitor:

Your satisfaction with our cleaning and gardening services – using feedback from our estates satisfaction surveys.

Measuring our performance

We launched our new service standards in February 2022. We’ll be updating you on our progress every three months and publishing our first results in April 2022.

We divide our performance over four quarters throughout the financial year: April – June, July – September, October- December and January – March.

Moving forward, we’ll use our current results to compare to what we’ve achieved in the previous quarter to help demonstrate to you how we’re doing and where we need to improve.