Working with you to improve complaints

To help us learn from your experience, we’ve created a complaints experience project. The project consists of customers who will scrutinise complaints by reviewing closed complaints on a regular basis – challenge our performance and offer recommendations of how we can make improvements.

The project group will:

  • Monitor whether our response to the complaint is fair and reasonable, and the action taken to resolve the complaint is proportionate
  • Identify if there were other actions that could have been taken to offer a better positive customer experience
  • Identify whether our complaints process is a positive customer experience
  • Make sure that our policies and procedures are followed in handling a complaint
  • Review the operational performance of the complaints team to give assurance that we are meeting our vision of earning and keeping the trust for our customers by providing a consistently positive complaints experience.

As part of this project group, customers will meet with our complaints resolution team every quarter to review and discuss closed complaints, sharing their feedback on how we can improve our responses to customers.

Find out more about our customer experience project and what the group has taught us so far.