Meet the board

Richard Brown CBE (Chairman)

  • Chair of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited
  • Member of:  Audit and Risk Committee (non-voting member), Treasury Committee, Governance and Remuneration Committee, Development Committee

Richard has extensive chairing experience with a strong focus on employees, customers and change management. He has strong links with senior level stakeholders at both local and national level, and has been involved in a range of economic development and regeneration programmes.

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Ian McDermott (Chief Executive)

  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited (Co-optee)

Ian joined Catalyst as the Chief Executive in January 2019, and has 30 years’ experience in the housing sector.

Before joining Catalyst, Ian was the Chief Executive at Aldwyck Housing Group and Chief Operating Officer at Sanctuary Group.

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Anne Markey

  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited and Development Committee

Anne is an architect and joint founding director of Phelan Architects, and brings considerable experience to her role as a member of Catalyst’s Development Committee.

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Alison Knocker

  • Chair of: Customer Experience Committee and Chair of the Governance & Remuneration Committee
  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited

Alison’s Board responsibility includes chairing Catalyst’s Governance & Remuneration and Customer Experience Committees. She is Leadership Development Director at IMD Media Limited, an international technology-based business.

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Terry Hartwell

  • Chair of: the Development Committee
  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited, and Audit and Risk Committee

Terry is a chartered surveyor with over 35 years experience in commercial property. He has a degree in Valuation and Estate Management and became a Fellow of the RICS in 1993.

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Mike Jones

  • Chair of: the Treasury Committee
  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing, Audit and Risk Committee, and Development Committee

Mike is a retired treasury adviser, having worked in the social housing sector for over 30 years advising on all aspects of treasury management and funding.

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Andrew Wells

  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited, Audit and Risk Committee, Governance and Renumeration Committee, Development Committee

Andrew has extensive experience in housing policy and related areas.  He was Director of New Homes and Sustainable Development in the Department of Communities and Local Government 2003-09, and Director of Planning 2009-11.

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Graham Woolfman

  • Chair of: Audit and Risk Committee
  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited and Treasury Committee

Graham provides financial and governance consultancy focusing on a range of areas including to the social housing sector. He has also worked with growth companies across a range of sectors, including energy, technology, medical related, general service based, and financial services sectors.

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Simon Wilkinson

  • Member of: The Board of Catalyst Housing Limited,  Customer Experience Committee, Governance and Renumeration Committee

Simon is a Catalyst leaseholder and Chair of his local Residents Association. Prior to that he chaired a Genesis Residents Association and a local BNI (business networking) group.

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