Board and Executive team

Our board determines policies and the strategic and business planning framework.

Board members

Catalyst is led by a board of non-executive directors. It comprises a minimum of seven and a maximum of twelve members. These include one residents’ representative and a minimum of six independent members.

Our board members

  • Richard Brown (Chairman)
  • Pat Billingham (Vice Chair)
  • Ian McDermott
  • Alison Knocker
  • Anne Markey
  • Terry Hartwell
  • Mike Jones
  • Andrew Wells
  • Graham Woolfman
  • Simon Wilkinson
  • Jack Stephen
  • Cary Wakefield

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The Executive team

The Executive team acts as an executive within the authority delegated by the board. This includes detailed scrutiny of performance, the development of policy and procedures and expenditure approvals within budget.

Our leadership team includes:

  • Ian McDermott, Chief Executive
  • Judith Foss, Executive Director of People and Culture
  • Tim Jennings, Executive Director of Finance
  • Gary Goggins, Executive Director of Property
  • Austen Reid, Executive Director of Integration (interim)
  • Philip Jenkins, Group Development Director
  • Sarah Thomas, Chief Operating Officer

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