Repairs service standards

Details of how we respond to your repairs queries. 

We put repairs into three categories:emergency, urgent and routine.

Emergency repairs

This includes work to remove immediate danger to people, avoid serious damage to the property or make the property secure. Sometimes we’ll just make the situation safe, then do follow-up work later.

Urgent repairs

This is work that is needed quickly to prevent immediate damage to the property, to overcome serious inconvenience to you, or where there is a possible health, safety or security risk.

Routine repairs

This is work that is not urgent, but cannot wait for our planned programme of work.

Our promise on routine repairs:

  • for non-emergency work, we’ll offer you an appointment within 10 working days if we need to inspect before we start repairing. (We can’t always guarantee a morning or afternoon appointment with gas, heating, and some other specialised work)
  • we’ll complete 70% of repairs at our first visit
  • we’ll complete 100% of emergency repairs with one day, 95% of urgent repairs within seven days and 96% of routine repairs within 31 days
  • we’ll make reporting repairs easy for you. You can report repairs in writing, in person, online or by calling us
  • we operate an out-of-hours emergency repairs service
  • we ensure our contractors explain the repair they are doing, and clean up after their repair works.