Leys Community Development Initiative (CDI)

Since 1995 we have worked with local people, voluntary and community groups to help tackle poverty and improve opportunities in the community of Leys, Oxford.

We are one of the founding members of the charity the Leys Community Development Initiative (CDI), a charity set up in 1995 to improve opportunities in the Leys area of Oxford.

The Leys CDI runs two successful projects:

  • the Leys CDI Youth Project for young people aged 9-25
  • the Clockhouse over 50s Project.

CDI Youth project for 9-25 year olds

For over a decade Leys CDI has reached out to young people, including the “hard to reach” who may not be in education, employment or training, as well as those who may have a difficult home life.

CDI’s strength lies in its community roots, with local youth workers whom the young people know, relate to, and trust. CDI currently has a 4 year (2014-2017) £500000 Big Lottery grant for a variety of projects in which the young people themselves play a leading delivery role in order to enhance their skills.

Our projects include:

  • two ground-breaking conferences hosted by CDI young people on the theme of tackling “guns and knives” in the community and the youth project has been delivering significant diversionary work for many years
  • a popular holiday schemes and after school club attended by up to 90 young people per session.
  • a girls and young women’s project empowering young women to discover their identity and have a voice.

Last year 348 young people were engaged in the Youth Project.

“CDI really lifts you. It makes you feel better. Makes you feel more motivated to better yourself. We have the chance to do things and have fun and discover talents. If we didn’t get to try things we wouldn’t have the motivation that we do have.” (Young Person)

Clockhouse over-50s project

This brings together over-50s in the Leys area, supporting them to develop their potential, live life to the full, and play a key role in the local community.

In 2013–14, 206 older residents were involved in the project, which ran or supported 12 different activity groups, plus information talks and social events.

Our programme was chosen and developed by local older people, who also made up most of the project’s 74 volunteers.

“Our dream is a Leys community where no older person feels lonely, bored or invisible, and each person’s unique gifts are fully recognised and valued, regardless of age.”
Sally Meachim (Clockhouse Project Worker)

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