Catalyst Gateway

We help to support and improve the communities where we are based, and provide opportunities for all. 

Our community investment team, Catalyst Gateway, runs and funds a wide range of projects, ranging from youth mentoring schemes to apprenticeship programmes, gardening clubs to exercise classes.

We are focused on developing the following areas:

  • employment and skills
  • financial inclusion
  • families and young people
  • building the resources, strengths and skills of neighbourhoods and communities

We offer services both at an individual and a wider neighbourhood level.

Catalyst Gateway offers services throughout London and the South East, mainly focusing on the areas where Catalyst works.

Our key projects

  • Do$h helps social housing tenants become more confident in, and more aware of how to take control of their finances
  • Gener8 is our programme to support young people into education and or employment
  • Leys CDI is a partnership with local people, voluntary and community groups to help tackle poverty and improve opportunities in the community of the Leys, Oxford

For more details on any of our projects or if you would like to get involved, please contact us.