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Fire safety

Every year fire kills more than 800 people in the UK, and injures 17,000. But you can take a few simple steps to keep yourself and your home safe

Stop fires from starting

  • Take care with candles
  • Take care when cooking. Never leave children alone in the kitchen when the hob or oven is on
  • Put cigarettes out properly. Never leave a cigarette burning and never smoke in bed
  • Don’t overload plug sockets and get damaged plugs, sockets and wiring fixed
  • Keep communal areas clear

Get out safely

  • Get a smoke alarm, fix it somewhere central like a landing or hallway and test it every week
  • Find out how your local fire service will provide a free home safety check – which may include fitting a free smoke alarm (see below)
  • Make an escape plan so that everyone in your home knows what to do in case of fire
  • Keep escape routes clear so if you need to get out quickly there is nothing in the way
  • Shut all doors at night. This slows the spread of smoke and fire

What if I can’t get out?

Choose a safe room and wait to be rescued. Make sure people know you are there and secure the room by closing the door and putting bedding or towels along the bottom of the door. If you can, choose a room with a window and a phone.

What to do in an emergency

Don’t delay – dial 999.

What we do to help keep you safe

By law we carry out fire safety checks in the shared parts of our buildings.

Free home safety check and smoke alarms

Your local fire service provides free home safety checks and in many areas, this includes fitting a free smoke alarm. Fire officers will also advise you about making your home safer. Get a free fire safety visit from your local fire service:

  • London Fire Brigade: 08000 28 44 28
  • Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service: 0800 587 6679
  • Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service: 01296 744477
  • Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service: 01865 842999

Further information and help

Go to the Directgov website for more tips to help prevent fire in your home.

Fire safety guide

Download our leaflet on fire safety or contact us and we will send it to you.

Fire safety leaflet (448kb)

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