Turn off appliances

Appliances left on standby will cost between £50 and £90 per year, so turn them off.

Even when an appliance is on standby it uses power. When you’re not using your appliances turn them off and unplug them. The living room accounts for 20% to 30% of all electricity usage in your home – so make sure all the equipment is turned off when it’s not in use.

The table below shows how much common appliances cost to run each year.

Appliance Cost per year
‘B’ rated tumble drier (7kg)* £78
Laptop £69
TV+DVD £67
Fridge/freezer £62
Printer £45
Desktop computer £42
Aquarium £40
Electric kettle £24
Cable or satellite box £21
Games console £7
Radio £5
Iron £4.50
Hairdryer £3

Sources: Department of Energy & Climate Change and Compare the Market (*Appliances Online)