Regulatory requirements

We work with residents, in compliance with the The Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) Regulatory Framework, to hold our organisation to account, and to scrutinise and improve our services. 

Resident involvement is at the heart of how we improve services at Catalyst. We have a resident board member and work with nine key groups of residents  on:

  • improving services
  • scrutinising services and our performance
  • making changes to our policies
  • ways in which we can improve community safety
  • procuring new suppliers
  • dealing with resident complaints
  • community development and engagement.

Resident involvement is a regulatory requirement for Catalyst. The HCA is an overarching regulator of social housing and is there to make sure social landlords like Catalyst involve their residents to drive improvements in services. The HCA also hands accountability to residents, as key stakeholders, so they can play a joint role in providing social value to the communities they live in.

The HCA Framework is a legislative document published in 2012 that encapsulates the importance of resident involvement and describes what it includes.

More information

Principles of co-regulation from Regulatory Framework (153KB)

HCA Regulatory requirements for resident involvement (435KB)