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Our values

We believe in quality, opportunity, integrity and inclusion and we live out these values through the work we do and the way we do it


We make quality homes affordable and we aim to deliver outstanding customer service. We constantly strive to improve our homes and services.

Find out more about our award-winning development and regeneration work.


We act as a springboard not a safety net. We are a catalyst that helps people make their housing aspirations happen, and that empowers local residents to build a better future.

Through our community development charity Catalyst Gateway we deliver a range of projects to support and empower local communities.


We do what we say we will. Partnership is key to the way we work, and it is vital that our customers and partners can trust us to deliver.


Everyone has the right to a quality home that suits their needs, so we provide a wide range of rental and homeownership opportunities, in mixed tenure developments. Find out more about the range of homes we provide.

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