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Portobello Square Bullet Point Briefing: the latest on the regeneration

In the past month

  • We began preliminary work for the demolition of Wells and Murchison Houses, which will take place this summer. Before the start of the works, we wrote to local stakeholders and all affected residents and neighbours to inform them. We discussed the letter and the communications plan for the demolition with the Residents’ Steering Group.
  • The Rehousing team are continuing to make offers to current residents of homes in Bond Mansions.
  • United Living have completed the lift core for the first building in Bond Mansions, and are halfway to completing the next.
  • Ammar Al-Asaadi has joined Catalyst as a Money & Benefits Advisor, covering Brent & Kensington. He’ll give our customers advice and support on managing their bills, budgeting and benefits. For further information and appointments, please email or call our Customer Service team on 0300 456 2099. Our Rehousing team will also refer residents to him where appropriate, especially where an adult household member has opted to move into their own new home.

In the next month

  • The Rehousing team will continue to make offers of homes in Bond Mansions.
  • We will begin tendering for a contractor to build Dickens and Eliot Mansions. United Living will have the first opportunity to tender for the work, as they are our current Phase 2 contractors. We’ll only open the opportunity up to other contractors if they don’t come back with an appropriate tender.
  • We’re currently working with Conran + Partners to scope the parameters of consultation for Phase 3. Once we know what residents can and can’t influence, we’ll design a consultation program in collaboration with the Residents’ Steering Group and Independent Tenant Advisors.
  • We’ll continue to review the businesses who have expressed interest in the new commercial units along Portobello Road, to decide which will be the best fit for the area.
  • United Living will publicise their employment and skills offer for the construction of Bond Mansions, and begin seeking information on local aspirations and needs to help them tailor it.
  • We’re launching a pilot employment and training project with Clement James at our Community Shop on Thursday 29 March, from 13:00 to 15:00.  Residents are invited to join us for a friendly chat about the range of free workshops and one-to-one support on offer. Clement James is an award-winning local charity supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds into education and employment.