Finance help keep our business on track by providing the strategic support we need to keep running, growing and planning for our future, as well as managing our income, accounts and balance sheets.


Neil Cornforth

Finance Income Manager

"Catalyst people really pull together to enable everyone to deliver the best possible results. I feel really supported by my colleagues and love bouncing ideas off people and seeing my own excitement reflected in those around me."

Michaela Booth

Director of Corporate Finance

"Working for an organisation with a passion for growth and development is immensely rewarding, and one of the key reasons I joined Catalyst."

Jason Beckford

Jason Beckford

Assistant Finance Income Manager

“Our culture here at Catalyst promotes proactivity, creativity and commitment to work as a team to deliver excellent results. Unity is our strength and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. It’s these ideals that make Catalyst such a good place to work."

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