Wellbeing: Joly Babu

Joly Babu

Catalyst’s Wellbeing Forum is a really special resource for colleagues. The activities they provide don’t just improve colleagues’ individual wellbeing – they help us all to meet up, get to know each other and work even more closely as one team.

The Forum activities give you a chance to have fun or just relax; there are plenty of opportunities for colleagues from across the whole organisation to interact with each other.

I find I work better with colleagues after an experience like that; we understand and get to know each other better as people. We’ve cinema nights, a range of sporting events and much more.

Activities are really varied, so even if you go to the same thing every week or month you’re always learning new things, getting excited and coming away feeling refreshed.

The other best thing the Forum offers is a fantastic medical care plan to help colleagues with the costs of their regular dental, eye and health check ups.

I’m an active member of the Wellbeing Forum and I love every minute of being part of it!

Joly Babu
Digital Knowledge Coordinator